Mike Deri Smith

Investigative journalist · Freelance Producer at BBC Newsnight · mikederismith@gmail.com

Former government chief whip Andrew Mitchell has invested in a high-profile film financing company considered to be a tax avoidance scheme by HMRC. →

A government organisation temporarily suspended online advertising after a BBC Newsnight investigation found ads being shown before extremist videos. →

SMOG: Analysis by Newsnight finds that there have been 361 incidents of high pollution, and 61 incidents of very high pollution, in last 5 years.  High pollution leading to health warnings occurred on 161 days in the last 5 years. Very high levels occurred on 28 days. Newsnight, March 2014.

The NHS has removed all but one of 653 patient reviews of a healthcare trust from its website, after BBC Newsnight found the system was open to abuse. →

MHA370: Pilot said in an online post unearthed by Newsnight that ‘fuel dumping’ is one of coolest features of flight sim. BUT he posted once to forum and said he has been simulator fan for 30 years. Newsnight, March 2014.

Convicted kidnap gang "boss" Mujeeb Bhutto was a Conservative activist before he joined the UK Independence Party. February 2014. →

A man who served as UKIP's Commonwealth spokesman for a year is the former leader of a kidnapping gang in Pakistan. February 2014. →

UKIP MEP candidate admits to "Islam Obama" tweet amid UKIP push to 'professionalize' the party. January 2014 →

Dark-net drugs site data leak reveals user identities. Newsnight, November 2013 →

Pornography filters used by major internet service providers are blocking websites offering sex education and advice on sexual health and porn addiction. Newsnight, December 2013. →

A so-called university sold an MBA degree for thousands of pounds with no academic work required, a BBC Newsnight investigation has revealed. October 2013. →

Video here. We got an MBA degree for a dog.

"Tracking down the Twitter trolls," BBC Newsnight, July 2013 →

I tracked down an anonymous rape-threatening Twitter troll. He was subsequently jailed in a landmark case.

A reporter spends a season trailing one of London’s most infamous soccer clubs while its soul is rebuilt from scratch. From July, a cautionary tale—for New Yorkers, especially—of super fans, gonzo money, and the doctrine that is “organic football.” July 2013. →


"Fake reviews plague consumer websites," the Guardian Money supplement, January 2013 →

Wonga staff in dirty tricks campaign against MP. December 2012. →